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Chocolate Bar is not a restaurant; it’s a wildly creative, cutting-edge, cosmopolitan cocoa emporium located in the heart of the Dubai Mall with a goal to give every luncher, diner and belly-filler of every kind an elevated foodie experience, taking your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride full of wow. From our swinging sugar soirees to our epic espressos to your retro-faves done differently, this is more than just chocolate; this is Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar, where all our treats are hand crafted using only the freshest ingredients, locally sourced produce, socially-awesome practices and a punk-rock attitude.

And the journey to this point has been epic.

Like no other pudding palace on the planet, our adventure started in a kitchen… in the USA… with Alison Nelson holding nothing more than a few mixing bowls, a couple of spatulas and some super-yummy ingredients. Of course, we had no reason to believe this would work; but we did know what this dream should taste and feel like, and so we set about inventing the most daring desserts, served with an unforgettable experience, and a place where everyone could live the sweet life.

And it worked.

By putting one foot in front of the other, we began to make taste buds dance and laugh and cry happy tears. Sure, it took a lot of time, effort and self-belief, but our all-flavour, no-nasties, totally-OMG desserts eventually got people all over the gulf (and globe) licking their lips, swaying their hips and realizing the only reason you always have room for chocolate is because chocolate doesn’t go to your stomach -- chocolate goes to your heart.

From its humble beginnings in a makeshift kitchen, Chocolate Bar has taken its bold, creative, fearless, taste-bud pleasing, passion-feeding roots and become an award-winning brand that has the local community at heart. That’s our mission. To create a socially-positive, environmentally-awesome, women-empowering, deforestation-free brand that leaves the world smiling a little bit brighter. Why? Because chocolate is like a feel-good song, and we want Chocolate Bar to make everyone dance.


Whether you’re having a bad day or the best one ever, chocolate and happiness always make life taste a little sweeter. That is why we always wanted to make cocoa creations that put a little positivity back into people’s lives -- and that is exactly what we have done.

The dream was to make yummy good mood food, but the mission takes on so much more: doing more, giving more, caring more. We have created a super-awesome social movement, improved the wellbeing of our cocoa growers and established a carbon positive cocoa supply. We source all of our ingredients from deforestation-free areas, promote equal opportunities for women at every stage of the journey and have created a culture of care among our customers -- and you can taste it in our choc.

We care about our brand - every single aspect of it - from plant to plate, and the beautiful people that make it all possible.


Meet the team behind the craziest cocoa creations on earth.

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