Good Mood Food

Fresh, fun, all-natural, no nasties, OMG-style cocoa creations
invented by the craziest chocolatiers.


The dream was simple: do crazy things with cocoa, create an extraordinary experience, have fun, fun, fun -- and make the world a better place along the way. What could taste better.

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Because chocolate is like kindness; it makes life taste a little bit sweeter.


Local flavors, done differently; loved by everyone.
Taste the pleasure of chocolate.



Because every day is a special occasion, and nothing is as special as wow-factor chocolate.

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There is cocoa, and there is cocoa that cares. Find out how our chocolate is made with love.

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Our Story

Born in America. Made famous in Dubai. Chocolate Bar is the home of the Dubai’s most wildly creative cocoa inventions, as dreamt up by Chef Alison Nelson.

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Chocolate Bar first started as an idea. in a kitchen… in the US… in 2002... and then it burst to life when Alison Nelson grabbed her mixing bowl and added one ingredient with another. That was the beginning, and the dream was simple: to invent delicious desserts, create an unforgettable experience, and have everyone living the sweet life.

And it worked.

Since then, our all-flavor, no-nasties, totally-OMG desserts have got people all over the gulf (and globe) licking their lips, swaying their hips, enjoying cocoa with a kick and realizing the only reason you always have room for chocolate is because chocolate doesn’t go to your stomach -- chocolate goes to your heart.

From its humble beginnings, Chocolate Bar has taken its bold, creative, fearless, taste-bud pleasing, passion-feeding roots and become an award-winning brand that has the local community at heart. That’s our mission. From creating a positive social impact to improving the lives of our cocoa growers, establishing a carbon positive cocoa supply to sourcing our ingredients from deforestation-free areas, promoting equal opportunities for women to creating a culture of care among our customers, we care about every aspect of our brand -- from plant to plate and the beautiful people in between.

The way we see it: chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays, and Chocolate Bar is our way of making lives happier.

Ready for a balanced diet? (Hint: have chocolate in both hands)

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